production and sales of mushroom spores

The production of spawns goes through six stages and each stage provides a different treatment to the spawn in order to achieve the final high quality product.

BOILING - The first stage is where the raw grain is cooked in order to increase its moisture until it reaches a certain temperature, then it is cooled down, and afterwards it is mixed with special powder.

FILLING – After the boiled grains have been mixed with powder, they are then filled in special bags with filter, which enables them to breath.

STERILIZATION - At that stage the bags are sterilized by following a strict temperature profile to avoid any type of contamination. After that the bags are transferred to special sterile premises for cooling.

INOCULATION - After the grain has been cooled, it is inoculated according to the requested strain of spawn. The bags are then sealed.

INCUBATION – After the inoculation the spawn bags are transferred to special premises where they can ripe. A regular shaking of the bags is performed in order to achieve a homogeneous and uniform growth.

STORAGE AND SHIPPING - When maturity has been reached, which is usually within 20 days after inoculation, the spawn bags are carefully checked and stored in refrigerators ready to be shipped.

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production and sales of mushroom spores
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